COUNTDOWN : One Day to go, a walk in the Park

Counting down the Days to this year’s Hong Kong Open …

17th Nov : One Day to go

Sundays are always busy in the streets of Hong Kong, but Hong Kong Park, adjacent to the squash centre, is particularly busy with locals and tourists enjoying the ambiance, taking photos, getting married, doing the Family Adventure, queuing for the Peak Tram which is just outside the centre … you get the idea.

Well if you don’t these photos (more in the Gallery) should give you a clue …


15th Nov : 4 Days to Go, fun with the kids

One of the features of the Hong Kong Open is the Junior Clinic on finals day, where the Glass Court venue is put to great use with some of the HK and International players entertaining, educating, and playing local children – lots of them!

It came as a shock to Cameron Pilley when he arrived, thinking he’d be on court with a handful of kids, to find that the seating was totally full of children waiting for him!

Max, Leo and Yip have been joined by the likes of Pilley and Nour El Tayeb in recent years – here’s a few photo highlights so that this year’s lucky pros have an idea of what’s in store for them !

14th Nov : 5 Days to Go, bring on the Bright Lights

Hong Kong is full of bright lights, but none more so than when dramatic matches on the Glass Court are decided … in the last couple of years, just after – or just before – the players have shaken hands on come the searchlights at the back of the stand, bringing some dramatic scenes and some real photographic challenges !

Here’s some of the shots that worked – and some that didn’t – when the lights came on …

13th Nov : 6 Days to Go, Poster Magic

Hong Kong Open Posters have traditionally been … colourful !

Here’s the 2011 to 2018 editions … which is your favourite ??

12th Nov, 7 Days : Play at Home, Feel at Home